FAQ (Frequently asked questions) for Michael Riddell Photography

Wedding Photography FAQ

General Questions

  • Does your studio provide videography services?
    Not under our studio but we have collaborated with videographers in the past and I am happy to send you a few names.


  • Do you do destination weddings?
    Yes. Traveling down the road or across the globe is something I love to do.


  • Do you provide partial day coverage?
    Sure, I can customize packages to fit your day.


  • Do you have a second photographer?
    I have a number of professional photographers who I can ask to second shoot if your wedding warrants two photographers. Many weddings don’t need two photographers.


  • Do you shoot in JPEG or Raw?
    I photograph in RAW and process my photos to high resolution JPEGs.


  • Do you photograph in color or black and white?
    Both. I see some photographs as color and others as black and white. When I photographed with film, I would choose the camera with color or black and white film in it. Today, I convert the photographs to black and white during post production.


  • Do you do Engagement photo shoots?
    Yes, engagement sessions are a great way to get to know one another and have fun. Usually, they are in Vermont and sometimes they are in cities like Boston or NYC.


  • What is your philosophy regarding photography?
    I love natural moments. I feel still photography does an amazing job of capturing a specific moment of time that allows the viewer to experience the emotional and environmental space. Done well, still photographs move us.


  • What is your photography style/approach?
    There are a lot of creative names to wedding photography styles on websites and blogs. I have always approach photographing weddings in a way that allows the day to reveal its self in the way you want it to. I am unobtrusive for the majority of your day, allowing the moments and emotions to be real. I capture what I see and feel. I feel relaxed and comfortable at weddings and love the positive energy. There are times during a wedding where I will give direction and suggestions. This is usually during family and group photos. In the end, you will have a collection of candid, natural photographs with mix of posed family, wedding party and couple portraits. Call it what you’d like, I call it being a photographer.


Post Wedding

  • Do you touch up the images before your provide them to us?
    Yes, slightly. I want you all to look as great as I can. I will make minor touch ups before releasing the photographs. Photographs that will be keepsakes on your wall and/or in an album, I will take a closer look. Major retouching may have an associated fee.


  • How many images will we receive from the wedding?
    An appropriate number to tell the story without overwhelming you with thousands of photographs. I feel that is a part of my artistic experience to edit in a way that feels inclusive of the many great moments and tells a beautiful photographic story.


  • Do you deliver every image that you shoot?
    No. I will edit the photos.


  • How long does it take to get our photographs?
    Four-six weeks after your wedding.


  • What size can we print our photos up to with our full resolution images?
    Photos can be printed in any size for typical home, office, and album use. If you are seeking a larger image, we can discuss this further.


  • What rights do I have to the digital prints?
    You will have full reproduction rights for you own use. I maintain the copyright to the photographs and will happily work with any publications or businesses that may want to use the photographs from your wedding.


Wedding Day Questions

  • How many hours do you suggest we set aside for wedding day photos?
    That depends on how comprehensive you want your wedding covered and your budget. Typically, 6-8 hours. I have photographed some weddings over a whole weekend and other elopements for 2 hours.


  • What different wedding packages do you offer?
    Packages are based on hours covered and post wedding products, ie albums.


  • What happens if we go over the contracted amount of time?
    It is easy to extend your coverage the day of your wedding if needed.


Business Insurance and Image Backup Questions

  • Do you backup our images? How can we ensure that our images won’t be lost?
    Yes, we backup your photos on multiple hard drives and a server.


  • Do you have Liability Insurance?


Payment and Tax Questions

  • How do I reserve you for my date?
    By sending a retainer check


  • How do we pay you?
    By cash or check


  • Are there travel fees associated with the Wedding Day shoot?
    Within Vermont, no. Other destinations, we can discuss travel and lodging expenses.


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