My Philosophy on Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography

I have a very particular approach when I photograph a wedding. My goal is to travel throughout your day emotionally and visually connected to your celebration. This allows me to create a photographic story of your day full of natural, candid moments. It is important for me that I am an unobtrusive part of your day. I do not take over an event because I want the day to be as natural and true to the couple as it can be. I am in the room, but not in the room. I do guide and suggest, especially during group and family photographs so we can be efficient.

I have years of experience in wedding photography. Over the years I have come to understand the flow of the wedding day really well. I bring my experience in action, photojournalism and documentary work to create a beautiful visual story of a wedding.

How I capture the story of your wedding:

  • I love the getting ready piece of your day because it reflects the emotional build up and is full of close friends and family.
  • Your ceremony is an opportunity to show the space and special moments that makes it special to you.
  • I highly recommend stealing away with just the couple for any amount of time -to create the photographs and for you two to just be together. This gives you the opportunity to take a deep breath, soak each other in, relax, and be real (and create special portraits of you two).
  • I love the details and the personal touches of your reception space. You put a lot of time thinking about those details and the visual concept, I too love them.
  • During toasts and firsts dances, there is another emotional energized environment that helps tell your story.
  • Dancing. Some of us are good at, some of us are not. A wedding dance floor has lots of special moments.
  • Departures. Some of you have given a lot of thought on how you would like to leave your celebration; another great moment.


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