Michael Riddell - PhotographerAbout Michael Riddell

“I love the connection that is created through photography. I love feeling the environment and the people around me so that I can create something that is going to speak to me and you.”


I love the visual world. After graduating from St Michael’s College and finishing a professional photography program at the New England School of Photography in Boston, I explored different aspects of photography including action photography as well as photojournalism for major newspapers. Since moving back to Vermont in 1999 I have continued to pursue all of these avenues through my own business, as well as expanding into corporate and wedding photography.


Being a photographer allows me to satiate the curiosity about the world and the people around me. My goal is to create photographs that move people. I believe that in order to create honest photographs, I have to give a little of me in order to create a trust. This exchange with people comes naturally to me because it is what I love to do.


I have a strong understanding and education in the technical side of photography so I am free to focus on the creative when I am creating photographs. This allows me to focus on the emotional environment, the compositional considerations, and how it will look in the final photo. I am inspired by the beautiful black and white photography of Henri Cartier-Bresson and Sebastião Salgado.


My love of photography has evolved into two distinct specialties: wedding photography and documentary photography for both commercial and not for profit programs.


Photographing weddings has been an incredible experience, allowing me to witness and capture so many amazing stories. I am able to be present during meaningful moments without changing the nature of the moment and can capture this for brides and grooms and their families to appreciate long after the day.


In my documentary photography I explore our world with a keen eye and share my experience through commercial and not for profit media projects. Documentary photography has been an exciting component because I have been able to work with many intriguing and innovative businesses and people, both locally and internationally.


When not taking photos I am spending time with my family and enjoying the natural offerings of the Mad River Valley in Vermont. I love to play, to eat and to sit around fires. I try to ski, ride bikes, play hockey, and coach when I can. My wife and children keep me young at heart.

Life should be fun!



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